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To ensure everyone’s health and safety, we are closely monitoring all COVID-19 requirements, restrictions and mandates and will follow all pertinent guidelines in place at the time of FOG RALLY 2022 in September. While it is impossible to foresee what the conditions will be at that time, we plan to host FOG RALLY 2022 unless federal, state and/or county mandates and restrictions prohibit us from doing so.


  1. Overview
  2. FOG RALLY 2022
    1. Registration and Information
    2. Hotel
    3. Events
  3. Sticker Requirements
  4. Refunds, Cancellations & Insurance
  5. Sponsorship.


The FOG RALLY is an iconic destination road rally, social event, and fundraising activity produced by Ferrari Owners Charitable Foundation (FOCF), a 501 (c) (3) public benefit corporation. Each year one or more non-profit organizations is selected to be the Charity Partners who receive donations from funds raised.

Any person possessing a legal driver’s license and owning or leasing any Ferrari vehicle properly registered and insured in any state or country may participate in the Rally. Family members and friends of the primary driver may participate as ‘co-drivers’. Non-Ferrari vehicles are prohibited from participating in the FOG RALLY.

The FOG RALLY is limited to fifty (50) Ferraris.

The FOG RALLY is NOT A RACE or competitive event, and neither time nor speeds are factors. The Rally is designed so that all participants have the time to enjoy the drive and scenery, show off the wonderful cars, and most of all, arrive at the destinations safely and relaxed.

Drivers on the FOG RALLY are expected to follow all applicable laws, without exception. In addition, Drivers are expected to practice proper road-etiquette and recognize their responsibilities as representatives of FOCF, our Sponsors, and our Charity Partners while participating in all Rally events.

These events make the FOG RALLY a unique experience:

  • Pre-Rally events (i.e., social events, online orientation, stickering event)
  • Launch Party
  • Curated drive from the Bay Area to the destination venue, including one breakfast and one lunch
  • Two dinners and one breakfast at the destination venue
  • Optional activities at the destination (e.g., organized drives, social activities, charity activities, after-party)
  • Wrap Party

Every Driver and every participant (i.e., co-driver, guest) must sign the FOG RALLY waiver in order to participate in the Rally. There are no exceptions.

Each year the Rally Committee develops a carefully crafted route to ensure the maximum enjoyment of all participants. The destination of the Rally will be announced prior to registration, but the details of the route are not shared in advance. The Rally route is one-way, from the departure point in the Bay Area to the destination. At the Rally Launch Breakfast, Drivers will receive a printed Driver’s Handbook with maps and detailed driving instructions as well as access to the route on a mobile application. It is the Driver’s responsibility to plan their route back to his/her home from the Rally destination.

There will be a support vehicle only on the Friday drive to the Rally destination. It will provide vehicle transport to the nearest place where service is available.

We welcome Drivers from outside of the Bay Area and can make referrals for shipping, storage and service. We can also make shipping referrals for Drivers who want to drive only one way. All arrangements and associated costs are the responsibility of the Driver.

The FOG RALLY is not weather dependent.


a) Registration and Information

Registration is on a first-come, first-served basis. Specially-priced, early Registration is April 1 to April 30. Regular Registration is May 1 to June 30. Registration after that date (i.e., late registration) is considered on a case-by-case basis only and is subject to FOCF Board approval as well as incurring a late fee. There are no exceptions.

  • Early Registration (April 1st –April 30th): Specially-priced
    o $5,000 for two (2) persons in one car in one room allocated from our hotel block*
    o $3,750 for a solo driver in one room allocated from our hotel block*
    o Additional passenger/guest is $1,500**
  • Regular Registration (May 1st – June 30th):
    o $5,500 for two (2) persons in one car in one room allocated from our hotel block*
    o $4,250 for a solo driver in one room allocated from our hotel block*
    o Additional passenger/guest is $1,750**
  • Late Registration (after June 30th): Accepted on a case-by-case basis
    o $6,500 for two (2) persons in one car in one room allocated from our hotel block*
    o $5,250 for a solo driver in one room allocated from our hotel block*
    o Additional passenger/guest is $2,000**
    o If registering after August 10, we cannot guarantee there will be specially priced rooms available in our hotel block.

*Reservations must be made directly with the hotel. Hotel information will be provided upon completion of registration.
**Rooms for additional passengers/guests or co-drivers are not included in our hotel block and reservations must be made separately with the hotel.

Yes. If registrations become available, they will be allocated based on your place on the waitlist as determined by time and day. If you want to be included on the waitlist you must make a $2,000 deposit with these conditions:

  • If we are able to make a registration available to you, your deposit will be applied towards the registration fee in effect at the time you are placed on the waitlist (e.g., early or regular registration).
  • If we are not able to make a registration available to you, we will return your deposit or upon your written request, convert it to a tax-deductible donation to FOCF adjusted for tangible value received.
  • We cannot guarantee there will be specially priced rooms available in our hotel block at the time a registration becomes available.

Rally registration fee for Driver and Co-Driver (two persons in one car and one room allocated from our hotel block*) and Driver-Only (one person in one car and one room allocated from our hotel block)* includes:

  • Rally sticker kit
  • Rally logo wear and credentials
  • Tickets to the Launch Party
  • Day One breakfast, lunch and dinner
  • Day Two dinner
  • Day Three breakfast
  • Invitation to Wrap Party

*Hotel accommodations and costs are not included and are the responsibility of FOG RALLY participants.

b) Hotel

The Edgewood Tahoe Resort in South Lake Tahoe is the destination hotel for the Rally. It is a unique property which combines the appeal of Lake Tahoe and the beauty of its natural surroundings. We have negotiated special pricing for a block of rooms for Rally participants for Friday, September 9th and Saturday, September 10th. There is also a discounted option to stay over on Sunday, September 11th on a limited first-come first-served basis.

Upon completion of your registration, you will receive information on how to make your hotel reservations and receive the special pricing which will be available until August 10, 2022.  Please do not call the hotel prior to receiving this information.

No. Only one room is allocated in our discounted room block for each Rally registration.  However, you can book additional rooms, room upgrades, and additional nights directly with the hotel outside of our discounted room block.

All participants must carry their luggage with them or make other arrangements.

c) Events

The Launch Party is the kick-off event of the Rally. It is an exciting night dedicated to raising funds and awareness for our Charity Partners, acknowledging those who have made the Rally possible and renewing old friendships as well as starting new ones. The event includes opportunity to view the splendid Rally Ferraris staged in their Sponsor livery while enjoying a wine and cocktail reception; step-back photographs; a sumptuous 3-course dinner; recognition of our Sponsors; an inspiring program with guest speakers; and unique fund-raising activities including a very spirited ‘special appeal’ to close the evening.

The Launch Party is open to the FOCF Community as well as members of the public. Rally drivers and Sponsors may also invite guests. All guests must have a ticket for the Launch Party.

For Rally Drivers, Launch Party tickets are included in your registration. Tickets for guests are $350 per person and they are non-refundable. However, upon written request prior to the event, the cost of tickets purchased may be converted to a 100% tax-deductible donation to Ferrari Owners Charitable Foundation.

The Wrap Party is exclusively for Rally Drivers and participants (i.e., co-drivers, guests) and Sponsors. This event, combining celebration and giving, is the culmination of the Rally experience typically within one month after returning from the Rally destination. It is an opportunity to come together to share Rally experiences, view Rally photos and premiere the Rally video, participate in the presentation of our donation checks to our Charity Partners and hear directly from them. The Wrap Party concludes with the announcement of the destination and dates of the following year’s Rally.

There is no dress code. Typically, cocktail attire and smart casual is recommended for the Launch Party. For the drive on Day One, participants are encouraged to wear their Rally logo ‘gear’ (e.g., polo shirt, jacket, hat). For Day One and Day Two dinners recommended dress is determined by whether it is an indoor or outdoor location: if indoors or in a structured outdoor setting such as a hotel patio, typically cocktail attire or smart casual is appropriate; and if outdoors in a more natural setting, comfortable layers and appropriate footwear are recommended. More information for these dinners will be provided at a later date so that you can plan accordingly. For the Wrap Party cocktail attire is appropriate.

Either a limited or full bar is provided at the Launch Party, Day One and Day Two dinners, and at the Wrap Party. We do not host alcoholic beverages at Day One breakfast, lunch, or Day Three breakfast. Alcoholic beverages may be available for purchase from the venues at these events. A WORD ABOUT ALCOHOL: Rally participants are not allowed to serve alcoholic beverages from personal bottles in any public space at any FOG RALLY event. It is a contractual violation of FOCF’s agreement with the venue, as well as a violation of State Alcoholic Beverage Control licensing laws, for anyone other than the venue’s staff to serve alcohol to guests.

iii. Sticker Requirements and Process

Each car participating in the FOG RALLY must have all Sponsor stickers attached; there are no exceptions and no other stickers are allowed. Sticker placement must follow the template provided. Cars not in compliance with the sticker guidelines may be disqualified from participating in the Rally and registration fees will not be refunded.

Stickering events take place mid to late August. Each year our goal is to have a minimum of three host venue sticker application locations, with at least one in the South Bay, one in San Francisco, and one in the North Bay. Typically, one location is at our Presenting Sponsor. Drivers will be asked to submit a first and second choice of location, date, and time slot (e.g., morning/afternoon, time) and all efforts are made to confirm each Driver’s first choice.

Drivers are expected to sticker their own cars using the sticker kit provided. Depending on the number of Sponsor stickers to be applied, the Ferrari model and the Driver’s experience, the stickering process may take up to one hour and a half to two hours, or more. Our host venues often generously provide staff to assist and other Drivers may be willing to help, but they are not responsible for stickering your car and assume no liability.

Drivers will receive their stickers in a kit with instructions and template at their stickering event. Sticker kits will be shipped to Drivers not able to attend a sticker event.

The stickering event is an enjoyable and collaborative kick-off to the Rally, with many hands available to complete stickering on all the cars in the session. It is one of the first opportunities for Rally drivers to meet each other; renew old friendships and begin to make new ones. Typically, host venues provide refreshments and there will always be a FOCF Board Member or representative on hand to greet Drivers, answer questions and be of assistance.

In this case, there are two options: 1) Drivers can sticker their own car; or 2) Drivers may make an independent arrangement to have one of the designated host venues sticker his/her car. In either case, Drivers are responsible for ensuring the proper sticker placement following the template provided by the Rally Committee.

Drivers can remove the stickers from their cars on the last day of the Rally or anytime thereafter. We encourage Drivers to not leave stickers on their car for an extended period of time. Instructions for removing stickers will be provided in the sticker kit and/or in a separate mailing after the Rally.

iv. Refunds, Cancellation and Insurance

Registration fees are non-refundable. However, Drivers who cancel between April 1 and August 31 are eligible to have their registration fee converted to a tax-deductible donation to FOCF, adjusted for tangible value received, upon receipt of a written request on or before September 1, 2022. Drivers are responsible for cancelling their own hotel reservations and any associated fees.

Insurance coverage is not provided. However, Allianz Travel Insurance Company does offer trip cancellation and trip interruption insurance on an individual basis. For additional information, terms and conditions and to purchase this insurance please contact Allianz Travel Insurance Company, 1-866-884-3556.

IF FOCF has to cancel the Rally at any time due to federal, state and/or county mandates you can convert your registration to a tax-deductible donation to Ferrari Owners Charitable Foundation, adjusted for tangible value received. In this unlikely circumstance, you will be notified of the process.

v. Sponsorships

We welcome Sponsors from all industries, family foundations, corporate foundations, and individuals. For information, please email info@fogrally.com.

To become a Sponsor, please send an email expressing your interest to info@fogrally.com or contact a FOCF Board Member.

There is only one Presenting Sponsor. However, additional Sponsors may be recognized with exclusivity in a specific non-competing category on a case-by-case basis.

Sponsorship levels, fees and benefits are described in the Sponsor Kit. To receive a Sponsor Kit please email info@fogrally.com.

Sponsorship fees are a 100% tax-deductible donation adjusted for tangible value received.

There are opportunities for Sponsors to add additional benefits such as branding Rally events (e.g., the Launch Party, Day One Lunch, Day One Dinner, Day Two Dinner, Sunday Farewell Breakfast), producing the Rally video, and providing Rally attire and accessories. These branding opportunities are available on a first-come, first-served basis to the top-level Sponsors (i.e., Diamond, Titanium, Exclusive, Presenting) beginning with the Presenting Sponsor. At branded events, Sponsors receive enhanced exposure such as onsite banners with Sponsor logos, the opportunity to provide approved promotional gift items for guests, verbal acknowledgment by FOCF, and the opportunity to address guests. And we are happy to work with our Sponsors to develop custom branding and brand exposure opportunities as well that best meet their objectives and budget.

All Sponsors must submit a fully completed Sponsor Commitment Form which contains important information we require including: selected sponsorship level, additional sponsor benefits, total sponsorship donation, contact information, and method of payment. To receive a Sponsor Commitment Form please send an email to info@fogrally.com.

Sponsorship fees are due by check or credit card payment no later than June 30th of the current rally year. However, in order to reserve an additional branding opportunity, Sponsorship fees must be received as soon as the commitment is confirmed by FOCF.

Sponsorship fees are not refundable.

Sponsors at all levels receive complimentary tickets to the Launch Party. The number of complimentary Launch Party tickets provided is based on the Sponsor level. Refer to the Sponsor Kit for details.

Complimentary registration is offered only to Presenting, Exclusive, and Titanium level Sponsors as a part of their benefits package. Hotel accommodations and expenses are not included.