FOG RALLY 2023 will jointly benefit:

This is the ninth consecutive year Make-A-Wish Greater Bay Area has been a beneficiary of the FOG RALLY.  We have donated over $2.1M to this chapter and another $70,000 to other chapters in California. Together that represents a total donation of $2.17M making possible over 220 wishes for children suffering critical illnesses. And, with your help, we look forward to adding to this total this year! Learn more about the power of a wish and the works of this chapter at: sf.wish.org

To celebrate our 10th anniversary and a decade of making a difference for kids, in 2021 we established the FOCF Fund for Kids. Through this fund we provide grants to nonprofit organizations providing services which have a direct and immediate impact to help kids in need and youth at risk that were nominated by Rally drivers, Rally sponsors and Board Members.

These are the organizations we are now supporting:


Their mission of Bay Area Crisis Nursery is simple, yet powerful: prevent child abuse and neglect through providing supportive services to families. And their purpose is clear: provide a safe, nurturing environment, supporting families who are mitigating difficult situations. It is the only place that provides short-term residential care and emergency childcare services which are free, voluntary and confidential to give parents time to focus on resolving a crisis or stressful situation. The Bay Area Crisis Nursery is a magical place and was selected as California’s best nonprofit of the Year for District 7 in 2022. Learn more at: bayareacrisisnursery.org

East Palo Alto Kids Foundation (EPAK)

East Palo Alto Kids Foundation (EPAK) was founded on the belief that geography is destiny and all children should have access to the best education. It is a community-based organization that gives grants directly to teachers working in schools in underfunded neighborhoods in East Palo Alto. And, as a result, students in these neighborhoods can have the same opportunities as children in neighboring- and better funded – communities. Importantly,

93% of funds donated go directly to teachers in the 13 eastern Menlo Park and East Palo Alto public and charter schools they serve.

Learn more at: http://epak.org

htm.elle (pronounced like it’s spelled)

htmelle (“htm-l”) is founded on the belief that by teaching girls how to be innovative problem solvers through computer science, you are teaching them to be the future leaders of the world. What’s important is that they don’t teach these young women how to work for someone else’s dream, they teach them how to be the executive of their own dream. Their programs sparks students’ interests, cultivates their creative abilities, and provides opportunities to apply future-now skills. These young women join an exclusive educational community that equips them to see the connections between culture, technology, math, science and entrepreneurship to act as ‘solutionaries’ for an evolving social and professional landscape.

Learn more at: http://htmelle.org/


Larkin Street Youth Services (LSYS) has a very bold vision: to end youth homelessness by making it rare, brief and one time. This inspiring vision is enabled by its mission to create a continuum of services that inspires youth to move beyond the street.  And, in turn, this mission is delivered through programs designed to nurture potential, promote dignity and support bold steps by all. Since its founding in 1984,

LSYS has helped over 75,000 young adults in San Francisco by providing a robust continuum of healthcare, housing, employment, and education services. All of these services are tailored to meet young people where they’re ‘at’, making LSYS programs easy to get into and hard to fall out of, with the ultimate goal of helping young people develop the knowledge and skills needed for independent adulthood.  Learn more at: larkinstreetyouth.org


Project Night Night’s one objective is to deliver Night Night Packages to every homeless child from birth to pre-teen who need childhood essentials. Each Night Night Package contains a new security blanket, an age-appropriate children’s book, and a stuffed animal — all nestled inside of a new canvas tote bag. By providing objects of reliable comfort, Project Night Night reduces trauma and advances the emotional and cognitive well-being of the children they serve. Learn more at: projectnightnight.org


Side by Side is a community-based, non-profit organization serving at-risk young people and their families.  They walk side-by-side with young people impacted by adversity on their unique journeys to heal from trauma, restore resilience, and embrace their own potential.  Side by Side operates across the Bay Area, reaching 2,000 children, young adults and family members per year with much needed services related to behavioral and mental health, early intervention in schools, LGBTQIA+ support, transitional housing for foster youth, and special education. Learn more at: sidebysideyouth.org

Additional organizations may be selected from nominations by FOG RALLY 2023 drivers and sponsors. Notwithstanding Ferrari Owners Charitable Foundation’s (FOCF) commitment to support named charities, FOCF retains discretion and control over all decisions concerning the use of donated funds.