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The FOG Rally is an epic destination road rally and social event produced by the Ferrari Owners Charitable Foundation (FOCF), a 501 (c) (3) public benefit corporation.  In 2020, the FOG Rally is celebrating a decade of making a difference in the lives of children by raising awareness and funds for our charity partners.

The FOG Rally is NOT A RACE, and neither time nor speeds are factors. The FOG Rally is designed so that all participants have the time to enjoy the drive and scenery, show off the wonderful cars, and most of all, to arrive at the destinations safely and relaxed.

Drivers on the FOG Rally are expected to follow all applicable laws, without exception.  In addition, Drivers are encouraged to practice proper road-etiquette and recognize they are representing FOCF, our Sponsors, and our Charity Partners, while participating in all FOG Rally events.

These events make the FOG Rally a unique experience:

  • Pre-Rally events such as charity meet-and-greets and drives (optional)
  • Launch Party
  • Day One – Drive and breakfast, lunch and dinner
  • Day Two – Optional drive and dinner (breakfast and lunch on your own)
  • Day Three – breakfast
  • Wrap Party (optional)


We welcome Sponsors from all industries, family foundations, corporate foundations and. Only our Presenting Sponsor may request exclusivity, limiting businesses of the same business type.

Sponsorship levels, fees and benefits are described in the Sponsor Kit.  To receive a Sponsor Kit please send an email to info@fogrally.com.

There are opportunities for Presenting, Diamond and Platinum level Sponsors to “Wrap-a-Ferrari” and/or brand the Launch Party, Rally Departure Breakfast, Rally Lunch, Day One Dinner, and Day Two Dinner.  At these events, Sponsor branding includes onsite banners with Sponsor logos, the opportunity to provide promotional gift items for guests, verbal acknowledgment by FOCF, and the opportunity to address guests at the event.  Each event may have only one Sponsor.  These brand opportunities are offered by Sponsorship levels beginning with the Presenting level Sponsor.

Sponsorship fee refunds are not offered past May 1st of the current rally year due to financial and contractual commitments by FOCF.

Complimentary FOG Rally Registration is provided only to Presenting and Titanium level Sponsors.  Qualified Sponsors may register one car with two occupants; hotel accommodations and expenses are not included. Refer to the Sponsor Kit for details.

Sponsors at all levels receive complimentary tickets to the Launch Party.  The number of complimentary Launch Party tickets provided is based on the Sponsor level.  Refer to the Sponsor Kit for details.


Any person owning or leasing any Ferrari vehicle properly registered and insured may participate in the Rally.  Family members and friends of the primary driver may participate as co-drivers.  Non-Ferrari vehicles are prohibited from participating in the FOG Rally.

Registration is on a first-come, first-served basis. Early Registration is April 1. to May 31. Regular Registration is June 1 to July 31.  Late registration is considered  on a case-by-case basis only, is subject to FOCF Board approval, and incurs a $500 late fee with no exceptions.

The registration fees are announced on April 1st.  For the 2020 FOG Rally:

  • Early Registration is specially priced at $3,400 for 2 persons in one car; $2,600 for a solo driver 
  • Regular Registration is $4,000 for 2 persons in one car; $2,800 for a solo driver

FOG Rally registration fee (2 persons in one car) and Driver-Only FOG Rally Registration fee (1 person in one car) includes:

  • Driver’s Gift Bag
  • FOG Rally sticker kit
  • FOG Rally logo wear and credentials
  • Tickets to the Launch Party
  • Day One breakfast, lunch and dinner
  • Day Two dinner
  • Day Three breakfast
  • Invitation to Wrap Party

Hotel accommodations and costs are not included, and are the responsibility of FOG Rally participants.

Due to financial and contractual commitments by FOCF, registration fees are non-refundable. 

Every Driver and participant must sign the FOG Rally waiver in order to participate in the FOG Rally.  There are no exceptions.

Each year the Rally Committee develops a carefully crafted route to ensure the maximum enjoyment of all participants.  The details of the route are not shared in advance.  Drivers will receive a printed Driver’s Handbook with maps and detailed driving instructions at the Day One departure breakfast. It is the Driver’s responsibility to plan their route back to his/her home from the Rally destination.

The FOG Rally is not weather dependent.

The Launch Party is the kick-off event of the FOG Rally. It brings focus to our efforts to raise funds and awareness for our Charity Partners. The event includes a spectator opportunity to view the splendid Rally Ferraris staged in their Sponsor livery while enjoying a wine and cocktail reception; a sumptuous dinner; recognition of our Sponsors, brief presentations by our Charity Partners,  and unique fund-raising activities including a spirited donation ‘paddle raise.’

Discounts are not offered for Launch Party tickets or tables.  The Launch Party event operates on a break even basis.

Due to financial and contractual commitments by FOCF, Launch Party tickets are non-refundable.

The Wrap Party is the culmination of the FOG Rally experience.  It is a uniquely designed evening for celebration and giving, acknowledgement and anticipation.  Typically, participants and Sponsors come together to share their Rally experiences and enjoy the debut of the annual FOG Rally film; the FOCF Board acknowledges our generous Sponsors and presents the fundraising checks to our Charity Partners;  and, the Rally Committee announces the dates and destination for the following year’s FOG Rally.

Either a limited or full bar is provided at the Launch Party, Day One and Day Two dinners, and at the Wrap Party. We do not host alcoholic beverages at Day One breakfast, lunch, or Day Three breakfast.  Alcoholic beverages may be available for purchase at these events.

A WORD ABOUT ALCOHOL: FOG Rally participants are not allowed to serve alcoholic beverages from personal bottles at any FOG Rally event.   It is a contractual violation of FOCF’s agreement with the venue, as well as a violation of State Alcoholic Beverage Control licensing laws, for anyone other than the venue’s staff to serve alcohol to guests.

There is no dress code. Typically, cocktail attire and smart casual is recommended for the Launch Party.  Participants are encouraged to be comfortable during the drives on Day One and Day Two; FOG Rally logo wear is encouraged on Day One. The Day One and Day Two dining events are typically more casual.  If dining indoors or in a structured outdoor setting such as a hotel patio, typically cocktail attire or smart casual is appropriate.  If dining outdoors in a more natural setting, such as lakeside, comfortable layers and appropriate footwear are recommended.  For the Wrap Party cocktail attire is appropriate.

All participants must carry their luggage with them or make other arrangements.  FOG Rally does not provide luggage service to Rally participants.


Each FOG Rally car must have all Sponsor stickers attached; there are no exceptions.  No other stickers are allowed.  Sticker placement must follow the template provided by the Rally Committee.  Cars not in compliance with the sticker guidelines may be disqualified from participating in the FOG Rally and registration fees will not be refunded.

Stickering events take place mid to late August. Each year our goal is to have a minimum of three host venue sticker application locations, one in the South Bay, one in San Francisco, and one in the North Bay. Drivers submit a first and second choice of location, date, and time slot (e.g. morning or afternoon).  All efforts are made to confirm each Driver’s first choice.

The stickering event is an enjoyable and collaborative kick-off to the FOG Rally, with many hands available to complete stickering on all cars in the session.  It is one of the first opportunities for FOG Rally drivers to meet each other and participants to receive their Driver’s Gift Bags with sponsor promotional items, Rally logo wear, credential badges, and sticker kit with instructions, stickering template, spray bottle and squeegee.  An FOCF Board member will be on hand to greet and assist Drivers.

Drivers are expected to sticker their own cars using the sticker kit provided.  Depending on the number of Sponsor stickers to be applied, the Ferrari model and the Driver’s experience, the stickering process may take up one hour and a half to two hours, or more.  Our host venues often generously provide staff to assist.

In this case, there are two options: 1) Drivers can sticker their own car; or 2) Drivers may pay one of the designated host venues to sticker his/her car.  In either case, Drivers are responsible for ensuring the proper sticker placement following the template provided by the Rally Committee.